hypnosis frequently asked questions in kent

What is Hypnosis FAQs?

When asked what hypnosis is, most people don’t have a firm answer. People are aware it can help with a range of problems, however they are often not sure exactly how it can potentially benefit them.

You may be astounded to learn that during everyday life, you experience a number of trance-like states without even knowing. The most common example is as you fall asleep, your mind and thoughts start to drift away from reality and your inner consciousness starts to take over.

As your brain processes information without restraint, many surprising things become possible; for example, in a dream which feels real and vivid, you can be left convinced the happenings were actual reality.

The experience of hypnosis is similar; you are neither awake nor asleep and in affect you are clearing the mind of the many distractions normally associated with full consciousness. Once this is achieved, you are left with an absolute feeling of relaxation and are able to access a deeper and normally hidden part of your mind.​​

How much does it cost?

This depends on the treatment and number of sessions. Contact Me for more information.​ I offer a free 15 minute telephone or email conversation to discuss whether Clinical Hypnotherapy or IEMT would be an appropriate treatment for your issues and whether or not you would like to proceed with booking an appointment.”

How long is a session?

Initial Clinical Hypnotherapy consultations are 90 mins and follow-ups are 45 mins. For IEMT the Initial Consultation is 45 mins and follow-ups are 30 mins. These times start the minute the client walks through the door and finish when they walk out, they are fixed times as I will have other clients waiting. Any unfinished issues will be dealt with in another appointment. Any cancellations must be made giving 48 hours notice otherwise the client is liable for 50% of the fee due, less than 48hrs will result in the full session fee being charged.

How many sessions will it take?

I do not give clients expectations regarding numbers of sessions without undertaking a full history and consultation first. You will be offered as many sessions as you require and this will be discussed and agreed with you, as the client, as part of the Therapeutic Agreement between ourselves and which you will be asked sign to show that you agree to the contractual terms binding our professional relationship.

I don’t think I can be hypnotised!

Everyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. Hypnosis cannot be forced onto people, despite what TV and films make it seem. Different people experience hypnosis in different ways. When you come to see me, I will explain fully what will happen and eliminate any doubt or fears you may have regarding hypnosis.​

Does it actually work?

Yes! Clinical Hypnotherapy uses a combination of hypnotic trance to relax and allow access to the subconscious combined with proven therapeutic techniques to effect lasting changes in the client’s outlook and mindset. Clinical Hypnotherapy and IEMT have proven very gentle but powerful in the treatment of many issues, in particular with those concerning anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence and past emotional traumas. Your Hypnotherapist, Lyle-Isabelle Arnold B.Sc, HPD, NCFE, MNCH(Reg) is fully qualified and is a Registered Hyonotherapist with the National Council for Hypnotherapy and has a Practitioners Certificate in IEMT from the Association of Integral Eye Movement Therapists.

Will you make me do silly things?

Absolutely not! The treatment of clients for life-affecting issues is not a matter for anything other than serious professional competence and understanding. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with many years of experience in helping clients, NOT a stage hypnotist.

​​What happens if I don’t wake up?!

This will never happen, even if your relaxation deepens to the stage where you fall asleep I will gently bring you back up to a level where you are once again responding to the sound of my voice. If however it is part of your treatment session that you do fall asleep then you will naturally wake yourself after a few minutes.

​Find our more at mindseyes near Canterbury Kent. If you have any other questions or worries, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me